Introducing the HIKMICRO CONDOR Thermal Handheld Monocular

Quality and accuracy are of the utmost importance to both amateurs and experts with regard to thermal imaging equipment. Here we have the HIKMICRO CONDOR Thermal Handheld Monocular, a revolutionary tool that raises the bar for handheld thermal imaging in terms of image sensitivity, detail identification, and clarity.

Enhanced Image Quality and Precision Distance Measurement

Experience a new level of imaging excellence with the HIKMICRO CONDOR Thermal Handheld Monocular. Explore superior image quality that brings out intricate details with unparalleled clarity. The precision distance measurement capabilities ensure that every observation is accurate and reliable, providing you with valuable insights into your surroundings. Powered by HIKMICRO’s cutting-edge technology, this thermal handheld monocular delivers ultra-clear images that set a new benchmark in thermal imaging.

Advanced Sensitivity and Optimal Detail Recognition

Delve into the world of advanced sensitivity with the HIKMICRO CONDOR’s high sensitivity thermal handheld monocular, boasting a NETD of less than 20mK. This exceptional level of sensitivity allows for precise detection of even the smallest details, ensuring that no aspect of your environment goes unnoticed. The purpose-built image algorithm further enhances the overall experience by delivering stunning image quality across various lighting and weather conditions, making small details easily identifiable and distinguishable.


With the HIKMICRO CONDOR Thermal Handheld Monocular, precision, sensitivity, and optimal detail recognition converge to offer a truly immersive handheld thermal imaging experience. Elevate your observations and explorations with this state-of-the-art device designed to exceed expectations and unlock a new dimension of thermal imaging capabilities.

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