Summary of Information About Commonly Used Roulette Terms

Roulette lucky wheel is a reward game that is loved by many bettors. To win when participating in this betting game, besides betting rules, information about Roulette terms is also something that players need to pay attention to. The following article, NEW88 homepage will synthesize and fully update commonly used terms when choosing entertainment with Roulette wheel.

Learn about the Roulette betting game in general

Before coming to information aboutRoulette terms, we will learn about this betting game in general. Roulette – a familiar gambling game at reward casinos, is the entertainment choice of many bettors. Translated into French, Roulette is understood as “small wheel”.

Roulette was invented by two Frenchmen, François and Louis Blanc, and the term Roulette was also born from here. Right from the moment of its launch, the game quickly caused a storm in French casinos. Currently, Roulette has become popular and is present in most large and small casinos around the world, building a strong member community.

The spin includes numbers from 00 to 36, divided into red – black numbers, only 00 is green and even – odd numbers. The bettor’s task is to choose a lucky number. If the spin stops at the correct number or group of numbers that you initially bet on, you will win.

NEW88 summarizes from A to Z about Roulette terms

When you step into the casino and want to win, you need to remember and firmly grasp the terms commonly used in the game, the same goes for Roulette. Bookmaker NEW88 has fully compiled all the terms used when playing Roulette.

Commonly used Roulette terms

Important Roulette terms that players must remember:

  • American Roulette: Play American Roulette, the wheel includes 38 numbers, from 1 to 36 and 1 0, 1 00.
  • European Roulette: Bet on European Roulette, this betting version is available in many online and offline casinos. The wheel includes 37 numbers, 1 less than the American version.
  • Mini Roulette: Miniature version with a rotation consisting of 13 number boxes from 0 to 12.
  • Biased Wheel: Understood as a biased wheel, refers to the case where the rotating wheel is faulty and the results are inaccurate.
  • Boule: We will see Boule in many casinos in France, this is a variation of Roulette.
  • Croupier: Casino employee who will make the spins and run Roulette bets.
  • Chip: Face value of bet.
  • Spin: Make a spin to determine the result.
  • Marker: The results after each bet will be updated by the system.
  • Pit: The location around the wheel area where casino employees work.
  • Pockets: Only each number box in the spin.
  • Table layout: Roulette betting area, lines and letters appear on it for players to place bets.
  • House edge: This term refers to the house edge that will be calculated based on the player’s chance of winning.
  • Action Player: Player who continuously bets large amounts of money.
  • Backtrack or Ball track: This refers to the groove on the wheel when the ball is dropped.
  • Biased Numbers and Wheels: Roulette terms refer to random numbers appearing on the wheel.

Roulette terms in each betting situation

Roulette lucky wheel has many different forms of betting with attractive reward rates. Depending on each bet option, the game will have a number of different terms used. Roulette terms when betting on each group of numbers have also been summarized by NEW88 as follows:

  • Orphans: Bet money on each specific number box, for example: 6-8-10…
  • Orphelins: This term refers to the case where a member will close a bet on a specific group of numbers, for example: even or odd numbers, red or black.
  • Six Line: The player will decide to bet on 6 consecutive numbers, for example: 1-2-3-4-5-6.
  • Split Bet: In this case, the player will bet on more than 2 adjacent numbers on the spin, for example: 10-11
  • Street Bet: This refers to the player placing a bet on a line containing 3 numbers.
  • En Plein: The bettor will only choose 1 lucky number on the roulette wheel.
  • Five Number Bet: In this situation, the player will bet on 5 number boxes, for example: 0-00-1-2-3.
  • Column Bet: The term for vertical line betting, which means that the bettor will bet on 1 of 3 columns of numbers, each column has 12 numbers.
  • Dozen Bet: The player will decide to bet on 1 group with 12 number boxes.

Roulette terms have been summarized and fully informed in the article above. Hopefully this article has provided useful knowledge about betting games for players. Finally, I hope you have wonderful moments of entertainment, win and choose lucky numbers when participating in Roulette!

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