The Best One Piece Toilet Features: What to Look for in a High-Quality Model

Choosing the best one piece toilet for your bathroom can make all the difference in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and overall satisfaction. With so many options on the market, it’s essential to know what features to look for to ensure you’re getting a high-quality model. In this article, we’ll explore the key features that make the Horow one piece toilet stand out as the best choice for your bathroom upgrade.

Compact Design

When it comes to one piece toilets, size matters. The Horow 8733N toilet boasts a compact 12-inch appearance, making it the perfect solution for bathrooms of all sizes, including apartments with limited space. Its sleek and streamlined design not only maximizes floor space but also adds a touch of modern elegance to any bathroom setting.

Water-Saving Efficiency

In today’s eco-conscious world, water-saving features are a must-have for any toilet. The Horow 8733N toilet is equipped with a dual flush system, allowing users to choose between a 1.1-gallon flush for liquid waste and a 1.6-gallon flush for solid waste. This not only helps conserve water but also reduces utility bills, making it a win-win for both the environment and your wallet.

Slow-Closing Seat Design

Say goodbye to noisy toilet seats with the Horow 8733N toilet’s slow-closing PP seat design. This innovative feature prevents slamming, ensuring a quiet and gentle closing motion every time. Not only does it enhance user comfort, but it also extends the lifespan of the toilet seat by reducing wear and tear.


In conclusion, the Horow 8733N toilet checks all the boxes when it comes to the best one piece toilet features. Its compact design, water-saving efficiency, and slow-closing seat design make it the perfect choice for any bathroom or apartment bathroom accessories. Upgrade your bathroom today with the Horow 8733N toilet and experience the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and style.

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