Megarevo: Leading the Way in Hybrid Inverter Manufacturing

Established in 2018, Megarevo has quickly become an industry-leading hybrid inverter manufacturer. Megarevo focuses on four main application scenarios: residential energy storage, commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage, microgrids, and grid-side energy storage. By providing customers with standardized hybrid inverters, customized solutions, and ODM services, Megarevo meets a wide range of energy needs.

Diverse Product Offerings

Megarevo offers a variety of inverters, including the MEGA and REVO series of PCS (Power Conversion Systems) and MPS microgrid products. These inverters are integral components of Megarevo’s energy storage systems. As a leading inverter manufacturer, Megarevo ensures their products have passed numerous certifications, such as CGC, CE, TUV, UL, and NRS, as well as certifications specific to North America, the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, and other regions.

Residential Energy Storage

Megarevo’s residential energy storage solutions are designed to provide reliable and efficient home inverter systems. These systems support various application modes, enabling users to decrease reliance on the grid and enjoy more affordable and sustainable electricity. Megarevo’s home inverter systems have been adopted by over 15,000 households worldwide.

C&I Energy Storage

For commercial and industrial applications, Megarevo provides robust energy storage solutions that support a range of business needs. Their inverters are designed to handle the demands of large-scale energy storage, ensuring efficiency and reliability. As an experienced inverter manufacturer, Megarevo delivers high-performance products tailored to the specific requirements of commercial and industrial clients.

Microgrid Solutions

Megarevo’s microgrid products are essential for creating stable and reliable energy systems in remote or off-grid locations. These solutions integrate seamlessly with various power sources, including PV, batteries, and diesel generators, to form cohesive microgrid systems. Megarevo’s expertise as an inverter manufacturer ensures these systems are both innovative and dependable.

Grid-Side Energy Storage

On the grid-side, Megarevo’s energy storage solutions enhance the dispatchability of the grid, meeting safety performance requirements and improving overall grid stability. These solutions are vital for supporting grid peak regulation and frequency regulation, making them a key component in modern energy infrastructure. As a trusted inverter manufacturer, Megarevo is committed to advancing grid-side energy storage technologies.


In conclusion, Megarevo stands out as a premier hybrid inverter manufacturer, offering a wide range of products and solutions that cater to diverse energy storage needs. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Megarevo continues to lead the industry, providing reliable, efficient, and certified energy solutions worldwide.

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