Discover NewStar’s Custom Hitch Cargo Carriers for Business Needs

Having a reliable and efficient solution is essential. NewStar proudly stands as the trusted custom hitch cargo carrier provider, offering top-quality solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. With their innovative features such as the folding capability, angled shank for ground clearance, and ability to accommodate spare tires, NewStar delivers exceptional custom hitch cargo carriers designed to optimize convenience, protection, and versatility.

Innovative Folding Feature for Convenient Storage

NewStar understands the importance of maximizing space and convenience.       Their custom hitch cargo carriers are equipped with an innovative folding feature, allowing them to be easily folded up when not in use. This feature provides businesses with the convenience of compact storage, whether in a garage or during transportation. With NewStar’s folding capability, you can efficiently manage your cargo carrier and save valuable space.

Angled Shank for Enhanced Ground Clearance and Protection

Protecting your equipment is crucial, and NewStar’s custom hitch cargo carriers are designed with that in mind. The angled shank feature provides additional ground clearance, ensuring that your valuable equipment stays clear of car exhaust and potential damage. With NewStar, you can trust that your cargo carrier will safeguard your equipment during transportation, extending its lifespan and minimizing the risk of damage.

Accommodating Spare Tires for Versatile Usage

NewStar’s dedication to versatility is exemplified by their custom hitch cargo carriers’ ability to accommodate spare tires. It is essential to measure the distance and ensure clearance for the folded-up cargo carrier to accommodate a spare tire. With NewStar, you can customize your cargo carrier to perfectly fit your vehicle’s specifications, providing a seamless and secure solution for transporting your equipment.       Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cargo carrier can adapt to various needs and configurations.


As a trusted custom hitch cargo carrier provider, NewStar offers businesses exceptional solutions that combine convenience, protection, and versatility.       The innovative folding feature ensures convenient storage, while the angled shank provides enhanced ground clearance for equipment protection. With the ability to accommodate spare tires, NewStar’s custom hitch cargo carriers offer unmatched versatility for various transportation requirements. Choose NewStar as your custom hitch cargo carrier provider and experience the reliability and convenience they offer.       With NewStar, your business can confidently transport equipment and cargo, knowing that they are securely and conveniently transported, allowing you to focus on your core operations and success.

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