What is Xoc Dia

What is Xoc Dia? How to Bet Correctly, Place Which Game to Win

If you are a bettor, Xoc Dia will definitely be the most chosen online game. Because the chance of winning is high and the rules are simple. However, to understand the concept specificallyWhat is Xoc Dia?? And not everyone knows how to bet correctly. Together nhà cái uy tín Find out details in the following article.

What is the concept of Xoc Dia?

Xoc Dia betting game is known as an attractive Casino game and attracts many participants. This is also a popular game on all online gaming platforms. The origin of Xoc Dia originates from China with 3 dice.

The game rules are simple and easy to understand as follows:

  • Players will bet on one of the following bets: over, under, or draw. Each door will have different odds of winning.
  • Then, the dealer will roll the dice and return the result when the disc is turned over.
  • Bettors will compare scores: the total score from 11 to 17 will be over and from 4 to 10 will be under.

However, to easily win each bet, you need to know the even and odd numbers and how to play Xoc Dia with the easiest way to win. Let’s learn with Nhà cái uy tín what Xoc Dia is as well as more information about this game.

Learn about the types of bridges in Xoc Dia?

In Xoc Dia game, the most common result is still two over or under. Therefore, to get the right bet, you need to know the types of balls when playing Xoc Dia. We invite you to read and see what types of bridges are in Xoc Dia.

  • 1:1 odd-even string bridge.

This is a popular type of bridge in the game and is similar to a flat bridge, but the characteristic is that the over and under results alternate. Most games appear in 3 to 4 alternating turns.

  • The bet is even or odd.

This situation is not too strange for professional bettors. When you play, if you see consecutive over or under bets in the opening games. To catch accurately, you should follow the bridge until it breaks.

  • Parity string bridge in 1:2:3 or 3:2:1 format

This case can be understood in the form of a 1:2:3 parity bridge or vice versa. Normally, 1 output line will have 6 full boards. But to be sure, you should catch in the 5th and 6th games.

Instructions on how to bet on which game to win

To play well and bet easily to win, you need to know what Xoc Dia is and how to bet correctly by analyzing and predicting the results. Players can then use different methods or tools to analyze factors that affect the results. Thanks to that, you will make the most accurate prediction results for the next game and reduce betting risks.

Players should know and understand how to calculate parity by carefully studying the structure of each type of ball. To catch accurately, you should observe and catch from 2 to 4 beats. Furthermore, bettors should apply other playing methods such as “breaking the ball, passing the ball, folding, etc. to increase the possibility of gaining higher capital.”

The steps to accurately predict and bet on which game to win are as follows:

Step 1: Bettors need to determine how many beats are in each bridge

What is the first step in Xoc Dia? That is to quantify the span in the bridge. This is how players must accurately calculate the span of the bridge. The calculation method is quite simple by counting the number of times the ball touches the floor in each rotation.

Step 2: You determine the exact bridge structure taking place.

This is a key factor to help you accurately capture the results of wealth or misfortune. To do this, bettors need to firmly grasp the popular types of bridges today such as: 2-span, 4-span, 5-span, 7-span, 10-span, flat, and volley bridges.
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Step 3: Determine whether to break or jump when the beat ends.

In addition to wondering what Xoc Dia is, this is also something that requires players to be sophisticated and require detailed observation and analysis of the results. When you predict to break the bridge but fail, it is best to follow the rhythm of the ongoing bridge. However, to be safe, you should place a smaller amount of capital. This helps players ensure the best capital in case of a jump.

One thing to note when playing, bettors should firmly grasp the following:

  • Always stay calm in every game and keep a clear mind to make the best decisions.
  • When you lose many games in a row, you should know to stop at the right time to reduce stress and have better prediction in the next games.
  • Know how to manage capital well and make enough profits when achieved.
  • You must firmly understand the rules of Xoc Dia and bet according to the rules.


What is Xoc Dia?? One of the concepts sought after by many beginners. Hopefully with that useful informationNhà cái uy tín Sharing will help fellow bettors. Wishing you guys always win your bets in every game.

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