What is Sic Bo? Rules for playing Sic Bo online that you should know

What is Sic Bo? is learned and questioned by many new recruits. The game of Sic Bo is no longer strange to early players in Vietnam. This is considered an attractive traditional betting style, and today it is available at online gambling venues. Join us to learn about this dice game now.

What is Sic Bo?

New88 today Playing over/under is understood as a type of betting for each over/under match at a certain address. This game has many different forms of participation for players to choose from. You can play in real life or online. These types of games are often forms of money betting.

What is Sic Bo?

The law What is Sic Bo?? The rules of the Sic Bo game are very easy to understand, the bookies will use 3 dice to shake up. The player will choose to bet on whether the total score of the 3 balls will be Over or Under. If the opened result matches the type you chose to bet on, you win. If the results do not match, you lose.

What are the popular forms of playing Sic Bo?

Tai Xiu is a game considered traditional in Vietnam. It is present at large gatherings and holidays. Because this game is quick to play, it doesn’t take too much time and is extremely simple. Anyone can participate in this game easily.

Although increasingly modern, Sic Bo games are still constantly evolving. Below are some popular forms of playing Sic Bo:

Play in real life

This type of playing Sic Bo in real life has been around for a long time, this type of game is familiar to many players. You can find this way of playing at small gambling venues or at large casinos. At private addresses, you can also bet on over/under to beat each other.

Form of playing Sic Bo in real life

Playing in real life is very interesting, but it also has its own advantages and disadvantages:

What are the advantages of playing Sic Bo?

  • Can be played with the most realistic feeling.
  • Interact with real people while playing.
  • Get paid real money after each win.
  • Can participate in direct interaction with people in real life.


  • Playing is not safe because this form is not protected by law.
  • The bonus level for players will usually not be too high, and the commission will be cut.
  • If you choose to play at legal casinos, you need to meet many conditions, or you must play at foreign casinos.
  • Not everyone can play because they may be arrested if they play in an unreliable place.

What is playing Sic Bo online?

The form of playing Sic Bo online has appeared since the internet became more widely developed. Players can simply access the game no matter where they are. With obvious advantages and disadvantages such as:


  • Can play anywhere, anytime you like.
  • You can play at online casinos without any additional difficult conditions.
  • The bonus level received is very high, at NEW88 Doesn’t even cut the player’s commission.
  • The payout for online play is very high, many times higher than playing in real life.
  • Play more safely thanks to the foreign server system, which is difficult to detect.
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What are the disadvantages of playing Sic Bo?

  • An internet connection is required to play
  • If you choose the wrong address, you may be cheated or scammed out of all your bets.

If we evaluate it, it is clear that playing Sic Bo online is much safer than playing in real life. Playing online also ensures higher payouts.

Important rules for playing Sic Bo online that you need to know

Many players choose Sic Bo because it is simple, easy to participate, and the rules are suitable for everyone. People who are new to betting can choose this game because it is easy to get started. Just play a few games and you can enjoy the game of Sic Bo.

Everyone should know the rules of playing Sic Bo online

But most will choose to play Sic Bo online because it is more convenient and safer. There will also be some information related to the law you need to know:

Is it illegal to play Sic Bo online?

ViolateWhat is Sic Bo?? According to Vietnamese law, playing Sic Bo using money is a type of gambling.

This form will be handled as a gambling crime with penalties ranging from administrative to imprisonment. The prison sentence can range from 3 months to 1 year depending on the severity of the violation.

Can I be caught playing Sic Bo online?

Currently, the form of playing online Sic Bo is very popular and loud. Players may be arrested if they play at places that are not safe, reputable, or have their information leaked. Therefore, you should choose a place with good quality and security such asNEW88 to ensure there is no legal implications.


This article of ours explains clearlyWhat is Sic Bo? and related information. You need to know the popular forms of playing and choose a safe playing style for yourself. If you play online, you should choose a reputable and quality address to participate.

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