What attractive advantages does 123B Over/Under have that makes you fascinated?

Over/under 123B Pink one of the most popular games in every casino hall. Upgraded based on the traditional version, this form will definitely bring you a completely new and unique betting experience. Right now, we will learn together so as not to miss the most attractive playgrounds and games.

Introducing Sic Bo 123B – Attractive red and black product number 1

First, Sic Bo is a betting game that originated in China and has been popular globally for a long time. In fact, Tai Xiu is just a name after it was introduced to Vietnam. It is also a famous Sicbo masterpiece in large and small casinos.

Not only have the two names above, Tai Xiu is also known by many other names such as Pontoon, Dai Siu, Tai Sai, Big and Small, Hi-Lo,… Because in Chinese, Tai Xiu means Big – Small (big and small). It can be seen that the nature of the game is also partly expressed through the name.

Basically, Sicbo will use 3 dice and take the total score of heads after shaking to determine winner or loser. Players will predict the result of betting on Over or Under to find a chance to win. With the coverage of the game and the explosion of information technology, 123B Sic Bo appeared.

The traditional game has now been raised to a whole new level. 123Bwill help you experience the unique online version of Tai Xiu. Just stay at home and access the house by phone or computer, gamers will easily participate in entertainment.

Even though you don’t need to go to a casino, you can still bet with extremely convenient dice. In particular, this online version also has many interesting variations. It is guaranteed that when coming to the house, players will have the opportunity to try countless betting options with much higher payout rates.

Rules and how to play 123B over/under for new players

Whether playing directly at the casino or playing Tai Xiu at bookmaker 123B, the basic rules will remain the same. However, to quickly integrate into this subject, newcomers need to consolidate some information.

Rules of Sic Bo

As mentioned above, 123B Over/Under will use 3 6-sided dice printed with dots from 1 – 6 to start the betting game. At the same time, take their points as the final result to determine victory or defeat. That is, the player needs to predict the total face value of the 3 dice after shaking. In there:

  • Over: From 11 – 17 points.
  • Under: From 4 – 10 points.

Rules for playing Sic Bo

Basically, 123B Over/Under is not too different from the traditional betting style. In terms of rules, this game at the house does not limit the maximum number of players. Therefore, a single bet can have up to hundreds of bettors participating at the same time.

How to play Tai Xiu

As you know, Tai Xiu is currently very sought after by brothers at 123B. To play smoothly, you need to understand the participation process from start to finish. As follows:

Step 1: Roll the dice

At the beginning of the game, the dealer will put 3 dice into a specialized wooden box. Then shake 5-7 times to swap the dice, then put the wooden box down and keep the results secret.

Step 2: Place a bet

Next, players have about 15 seconds to consider and place bets on the above bets. Depending on the Sic Xiu game strategy you develop, gamers can invest in 1 or more doors at the same time.
See : Casino 123B

Step 3: Announce the results

After the player finishes placing the bet, the Dealer will open the box and announce the bet results. At this time, you will base on the total face-up score of the 3 dice to know whether you win or lose.

If the guess is correct, the player wins and receives a reward according to the betting odds. In case of a wrong guess, the player must accept defeat and lose the money they initially placed.

What advantages does 123B Sic Bo game have that attracts bettors?

Why, among thousands of playgrounds on the market, do many people still choose 123b to play Sicbo? That’s because the game in this arena gives players outstanding experiences such as:

Diverse betting halls

Tai Xiu at 123B has a rich variety of game halls. Here, players will have interesting dice rolls with diverse betting halls from many reputable providers around the world. Typical examples include:

  • Sexy Gaming
  • DreamGaming
  • WM
  • AG
  • on
  • BBIN
  • Venus Casino,…

Each hall will have many betting limits from low to high, from a few hundred thousand to several tens of millions,… So no matter how much capital you have, you can still choose a room that suits your finances to participate.

Abundant betting options

The house is always innovating to bring you the best gaming experience. Online Sic Bo with real money rewards at 123B is attractive in that there are many betting options for you to choose from. In addition to Over and Under, bookmaker 123B offers dozens of different unique bet types even with only 3 dice.

Depending on financial needs, playing strategies and strengths, gamers can invest in the betting window that best suits them. Among them, the popular bets that players will place are as follows:

  • Over/Under.
  • Even/Odd Doors.
  • General door.
  • Specific number betting window.
  • Pair betting door.
  • Any pair of doors.
  • Specific duo doors.
  • Any set of 3 doors.
  • Door set of 3 specific.

High payout rate

The factor that we cannot help but mention about 123B Sic Bo is the extremely high payout rate. In the game, there are bets where the house offers a bonus rate of up to 1:180. With just a small amount of capital, you can earn hundreds of times more profit.

Furthermore, this aspect is also superior to when playing directly at a real-life casino or underground casino. Therefore, if you want to have fun, relax and get rich quickly, try this subject at the bookmaker today.

Quick liquidity

Immediately after the results of the 123B over/under session, the house will immediately pay the winning player according to the prescribed rate. Fair, no beating around the bush. After that, gamers can withdraw their winnings through many methods without any difficulty.

In addition, the reward redemption time at the house also happens extremely quickly in just a few minutes. Transaction information will be processed directly by the system without going through any third intermediary. Therefore, players do not need to worry about losing service fees or having to wait too long when withdrawing winning prizes.

100% real experience

Possessing strong economic potential, the house has not hesitated to invest to bring the most classy entertainment space to players. No more dry, mechanical gameplay through the system… Sic Bo 123B gives you the opportunity to participate in a completely “real” gambling arena.

Because each betting hall will be livestreamed from an international casino and have the presence of a team of beautiful real-life MCs and Dealers. Gamers can interact, chat, and interact with them and other players extremely wonderfully.

Above is information about 123B Sic Bo from the basic rules and how to play for beginners. With dozens of outstanding advantages, this type is worthy for you to experience. So don’t wait any longer, register with the house now to roll the dice and win endless rewards.

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