The Simplest and Most Understandable Way to Play Mau Binh Cards in 2024

How to play Mau Binh card  will help players understand more about the rules of the game and improve their chances of winning. However, many new players are still not sure how to play cards. Please follow New88 article below to see how to play.

What is Mau Binh?

Mau Binh card game is also known as Thap Tam ie or Xap Xam card game. Mau Binh is a game that requires the player’s intelligence. Requires you to have logical thinking and subtle eyes to observe to be able to win against your opponent. Therefore, this has created a very special attraction for many players when searching Playing Mau Binh card game.

In Mau Binh card game, there will usually be 2 to 4 players to form a game. Each person will be dealt 13 cards and arranged in 3 different suits. How to play Mau Binh card  will stipulate that players arrange front limbs that are stronger than the back limbs and link them together to have the ability to win.

Instructions on  How to play Mau Binh card  game most accurately today

Below are detailed instructions How to play Mau Binh card  For everyone’s reference:

Mau Binh game rules

In How to play Mau Binh card , people will use a deck of 52 cards (Tu Lo Kho). Minimum number of players is 2 and maximum is 4. Whether it’s 2 or 3, each person’s deck needs to be 13 cards.

In Cplaying Mau Binh card game,These 13 cards will be divided into three parts (Or called branches): The first branch has 3 cards, the middle branch and the last branch have 5 cards. These limbs need to be arranged together with increasing strength, the first limb will be considered the weakest, then the middle limb and the strongest being the last limb.


In How to play Mau Binh card , nnoThe cards in the tu lo kho set include two parts: number and suit. For example, 7 (diamonds) is the number 7, and (diamonds) is the suit.

The value of the card will depend on the number and not on the suit, A (ace) is the highest card and 2 is the lowest card in the following order: A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2

  • Mau Than: Cards have no connection in number or quality. Everyone needs to consider the cards in order from highest to lowest.
  • Dao/Pair/Ace/Spot: 2 cards with the same number such as 8 (hearts) and 8 (spades)
  • Animal: Two pairs such as K (diamond), K (heart) or 7 (heart), 7 (heart)
  • Gray: 3 cards of the same number such as Q (diamonds), Q (hearts), Q (spades)
  • Flush: 5 cards all have the same suit and are not in the same sequence like 8 (heart), Q (heart), 10 (heart), A (heart)
  • Cu flood: This link includes trio (1 gray) and duo. For example, Q (heart), Q (diamond), Q (spades), 5 (heart), 5 (heart)
  • Four of a kind: Includes four cards of the same number. For example, J (heart), J (diamond), J (spades), J (heart)
  • Hall clearing box: The strings are of the same suit as Tien Len card in the North. For example, A (muscle), K (muscle), Q (muscle), J (muscle), 10 (muscle).
  • Dragon Hall: 13-card hand with consecutive values ​​A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • Collapse: Lose all 3 hands to other players
  • Newspaper: 1 out of 3 hands or 13 cards combine to create a special hand, no need to compare the hands and receive points.
  • Loose: Arrange 3 limbs together and not in order of first, middle, or last.

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How to play Mau Binh

 How to play Mau Binh card  Specifically, the match will take place as follows:

  • Each bettor will be dealt 13 cards and each person will arrange 3 hands so that their hands are the strongest.
  • After that, players will spend each limb to compare with each other.
  • If the person who owns the Mau Binh set wins white, there is no need to compare cards and that person is considered the winner.
  • If two people compare cards and see that they are of equal strength, they will split the pot.


  • When the Mau Binh game has not ended and the bettor exits, it will be considered a loss. If the card owner exits this game, the next person will assume control of this game.
  • Game time is about 45 seconds.
  • 1 is equal to the bet amount in the bet
  • When the player has a hole in the card, the score will be calculated by the number of the lost hand and multiplied by 2 bets
  • The opponent’s cards will be compared with others, everyone needs to remember when comparing first hand and first hand, middle hand and middle hand and last hand and last hand. The result is the sum of the wins minus the losses to the other person.

Special cases when comparing cards:

  • The person with the last four limbs will win 4 limbs in 1 house
  • The person with the four gems in the middle branch will eat the 8 gems in 1 house
  • People with gray in the first branch will eat 3 branches in 1 house
  • The person who has the hall clearing box in the last hand will win 5 hands and 1 house
  • The person who has the barrel to clear the hall in the middle branch will win 10 hands per house
  • The person who has the same flood in the middle limb will eat 2 limbs

Hopefully through sharing about How to play Mau Binh card  The simplest and easiest to understand for new players has helped everyone gain more useful knowledge. Hopefully everyone will participate in the dramatic Mau Binh card game and improve your chances of winning.


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