Strawberry comb chicken: Rare chicken breed with unique beauty

Nowadays there are many different types of comb chickens. Among them, strawberry comb chickens are a special breed of chicken with unique characteristics that make them stand out among other chicken species. So, in this article Hi88 will talk in detail about strawberry comb chickens and the common characteristics of this type of chicken.

What is a strawberry comb chicken?

Strawberry comb chicken, also known as mulberry leaf comb chicken, is a rare breed of chicken originating from Vietnam. This chicken stands out with its special comb, like a mulberry leaf.

Strawberry comb chickens come in many different colors, the most common being black, white and yellow. They have compact bodies, short legs and smooth fur. Strawberry comb chickens are a breed of chicken that is easy to raise and adapts well to many types of environments. In particular, they have high egg laying ability and very good egg quality.

Appearance characteristics of strawberry comb chickens

To distinguish this breed of chicken from other types of chicken, you need to know the following appearance characteristics:

  • Strawberry comb roosters reach their maximum size when they are about 4 to 5 months old. At this time, the rooster has a body length of 60 to 70cm and a weight of 2.5 – 3.5kg.
  • Strawberry comb hens also reach their maximum size when they are about 4-5 months old. However, hens are usually a little smaller than roosters. The hen’s body length is about 55 – 60cm and weight is from 2 – 2.5kg.
  • This type of chicken has burgundy plumage, a shiny black body, and the rooster’s tail feathers are longer than the hen’s tail.
  • Chicken heads have combs and combs have many different shapes. A rooster’s comb is usually larger and more beautiful than a hen’s comb.
  • Chicken eyes are black, bright and sharp.
  • The chicken’s beak is short, curved and strong.
  • Chicken legs are yellow, short and strong.

How to choose healthy, disease-free chicken breeds

Choosing healthy chicken breeds is the first and most important step to starting a flock of healthy and productive comb chickens. When choosing chicken breeds, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Observe appearance: Healthy chicken breeds usually have an agile appearance, stand upright, bright eyes, smooth feathers, normal beaks and tongues, and no signs of runny nose, coughing or wheezing.
  • Check feet and nails: Legs and claws of healthy breed chickens are usually straight, strong, and free of deformities. The skin of the feet is smooth, without scabs or wounds.
  • Anal examination: The anus of healthy breeder chickens is usually clean, with no signs of diarrhea or feces.
  • Kite test: The kites of healthy breeders are usually full of food, not bulging or empty.
  • Examination of the chest: The chest of healthy breeder chickens is usually round, full, not concave or pointed.
  • Check the wings: The wings of healthy breeder chickens are usually balanced, not broken or sagging.

In addition, you should also ask the seller about the vaccination and disease treatment history of the breeding chickens to ensure that they are fully vaccinated and disease-free.

Common foods for strawberry comb chickens

In addition to industrial feed, you can combine other foods to ensure chicken nutrition as follows:

  • Paddy: Rice grains are a good source of starch. You can feed chickens grain in the morning and afternoon.
  • Corn: Corn is a good source of starch and protein for chickens. You can feed chickens corn at noon.
  • Soy bean: Soybeans are a very good source of protein for chickens, you can feed them soybeans in the evening.
  • Green vegetables: Green vegetables are very important for the health of strawberry comb chickens. You can feed chickens green vegetables in the morning and afternoon.
  • Fruit: Fruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals. You should feed your chickens fruit in the afternoon.
  • Rice bran: Rice bran is a source of vitamins and minerals, you can feed chickens rice bran in the morning.

Why is the strawberry comb chicken popular?

Strawberry comb chickens are popular because they have a beautiful appearance. Chickens have colorful plumage, with many different colors. They have bright, prominent red combs and very sharp eyes, always moving around looking for food.

In addition, they are also loved because they are easy to raise, have good resistance, and are less susceptible to diseases. They can adapt to many different types of environments, from plains to high mountains. Strawberry comb chickens are also very easy to raise, they can eat many different types of food, from rice, corn, potatoes to green vegetables.

In particular, the economic potential of this chicken breed for farmers is very high. Chickens can lay eggs all year round, each year they can lay 200 to 300 eggs. Chicken is also very delicious and popular with many people.

Above, bookmaker Hi88 has provided information about strawberry comb chickens in the hope that you can easily choose the right chicken breed. To receive lots of interesting information about how to raise fighting cocks and exciting cockfights, please visit the page Đá Gà Hi88 so you don’t miss it.

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