Reputable betting game portal 789BET

Reputable betting game portal 789BET

789BET known as the region’s leading online bookmaker developed by Venus Casino. At the game portal, there are a variety of games such as soccer betting, roulette, 3-region lottery, cockfighting, Sic Bo, baccarat,… all forms of play here are for real money. You can be together  789BET Refer to the article below for detailed instructions!

Introducing the house 789BET

Dealer 789BET Managed by the Venus Casino system, this is one of the largest and well-known bookmakers in China and Cambodia. Here, Casino Venus developer is allowed to operate in a public and transparent manner like regular businesses.

Under strict management and compliance with the regulations on bookmakers of the Chinese and Cambodian states, you can feel secure when participating in games held at the game portal. 789BET ensure safety.

Evaluate online game portal website 789BET

As a form of online betting, the fact that the website is designed quite eye-catching, full of utilities and has a clear layout is a plus point for the bookmaker. 789BET Score points for players. The game portal understands this, so it gives you an interface with a useful website design and also a convenient phone application to play at any time.

When participating in betting at the game portal 789BET You can conveniently bet on your phone, tablet or computer. If the phone has a weak configuration, an unattractive interface, is difficult to use, or the Nokia operating system, the website interface can also be suitable and automatically adjust the layout to suit when you operate the most.

Website of dealer  789BET has a white background, the layout colors are metallic gold and red, this is a design inspired by the developer Venus Casino 789BET, creating a feeling for players to feel comfortable, comfortable for the eyes, harmonious and luxurious.

Real money betting game at the house 789BET

The most favorite spot among brothers at 789BET It is a game portal with many betting games for members to participate in 24/7. The betting site has cleverly simulated real-life betting games into online games. Instead of having to waste time going to the Casino to bet, right now you can easily place bets on your phone. tablets and computers are convenient, easy, and don’t take much time.

Sports betting

The form of online sports betting is no longer strange to many players in Vietnam for many years. The plus points are the ease of betting, quick and convenient money transactions and detailed, clear and specific betting information.

Dealer 789BET Organizing betting for many diverse sports, not just football. You have the opportunity to participate in betting on a variety of other favorite sports such as basketball, rugby, futsal ball, volleyball, tennis,… Besides, 789BET Also linked with SBOBET and Bong88 betting sites to bring you the best quality of bets.

Each sports match is held at the game portal 789BET The odds analysis is very specific and detailed, offering attractive odds and payout rates. There are many types of betting odds at 789BET such as European odds, over/under odds, Asian odds, Macau odds, Malaysian odds, shaking odds, kickoff odds, …

Live Casino

Online casino system at the house 789BET Another name is sexy AE with long-legged, beautiful online card dealers who interact and exchange with brothers to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere during the betting process.

Types of card games available at the house 789BET such as: roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, … all dealer tables have more than 2 cameras, placed in 2 different locations to ensure you can observe transparency during the card dealing process. of dealer.

Online cockfighting

Online cockfighting is one of the most interesting and attractive betting games, most interested in by many players in Vietnam. Dealer 789BET has its own Venus 67 cockfighting arena and connects with SV388’s cockfighting arena to organize a variety of cockfighting genres, bringing you the most attractive, thrilling, and dramatic cockfighting videos. Specifically:

  • Cockfights are usually held every Monday, April, June and Sunday.
  • Spur cockfighting is usually held every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Bantam and pedigree cockfighting: Held every day of the week.

The cockfighting arena is held from 9:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m., on Sundays or holidays it will be held on a more grand scale and closes at 3:00 p.m.

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Instructions for participating in betting at 789BET

Dealer 789BET Belonging to a professional bookmaker, the steps to participate in betting at the game portal are also very professional and methodical. Players who are new to the game can rest assured that even though it is methodical, the steps to participate are very simple and easy to operate because we receive dedicated and thoughtful instructions and a 24/7 customer care team. 24 for players.

Register an account

To participate in the bookmaker’s betting game, you only need to have an account to manage your money, your betting history is better and the house 789BET can also support players more conveniently.

The steps to register an account at ae888 game portal are extremely simple, as follows:

  • Log in to the bookmaker 789BET and select the Register section in the upper right corner of the website home page.
  • Fill in all your personal information in the registration form.
  • Username: You can set it freely as long as there are no accents or spaces.
  • Password: More than 8 characters and to ensure security, you should add uppercase letters, numbers and other characters, lowercase letters, and bets.
  • Confirm password: Enter the password again.
  • Full name: Fill in the exact player’s name for future banking transactions.
  • Zalo: To make it easier for the system to support, however players can ignore it.
  • Phone number: Enter so the system can verify information and in case you need to restore your account later.
  • Check code: Enter according to the image to verify the player is not a robot or Dot.
  • Select Send to send information to the game portal 789BET.

After completing the above steps, you will be given an account by the dealer via sms. Log in to complete the registration step.

Deposit betting money

Dealer 789BET is a form of betting for real money and depositing money first, so to start betting, we need to perform the deposit step.

  • Step 1: Log in to the game portal 789BET.
  • Step 2: Go to the player’s personal account (Click on the login name).
  • Step 3: Select Deposit, select Deposit method.
  • Step 4: Proceed to deposit money into the house 789BET according to the form the player has chosen.
  • Step 5: Fill in the deposit verification information and send a payment order photo and deposit receipt.

Then players wait about 30 minutes for the system to check, verify and add points to their account.


Above is all the information related to the house 789BET so that players can clearly understand and feel secure when participating in betting at the game portal. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us quickly for the most specific advice. Don’t forget to share with your friends to experience it together!


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