Online blackjack New88 Casino: Extremely hot prize exchange card game 2023

Online blackjack New88 Casino is an attractive online betting card game at the house. The game is one of the best-selling blockbusters. Always chosen by a large number of bettors every time they visit this playground. Participating in playing blackjack online not only helps you entertain but is also an opportunity for you to try your hand at getting rich. Together New88 See the article below and discover details about this masterpiece card game.

Introducing the online blackjack game New88 Casino

Online blackjack New88 Casino is the online entertainment product with the highest revenue at the house. The game is always the top choice of many bettors when participating New88.

Overview of the house New88 Casino: Heaven of super card games

New88 Casino is a famous betting playground in the Vietnamese market. The bookmaker is one of the entertainment addresses that has been legally licensed to do business from PAGCOR. At the same time, it is also certified by GEOTRUST as a safe website.

Moreover, the playground also receives huge economic support. The house is an online entertainment address belonging to Asia’s No. 1 gambling group – “Red Number Casino”. Therefore, betting products here are always carefully invested in content as well as images. The house also brings you many other attractive service experiences.

Introducing online blackjack game New88 Famous casino

The online blackjack game here was developed from the traditional blackjack gambling game of Vietnamese bettors. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet and mobile devices. This betting game has been rebuilt. Helps you participate in betting right on your mobile device.

The game is published in conjunction with many famous game publishing brands. Specifically, you will experience the professional betting space at this bookmaker.

Join the online blackjack game New88 In casino, players are not only entertained with interesting bets. In particular, you will be rewarded with attractive winning rates. Betting online at the house is a great opportunity for many entrepreneurs to get rich.

Experience the super product online blackjack game New88 Casino

Online blackjack game New88 Casino is always the top chosen game at the house. Let’s see what this betting game experience will be like?

Common terms in online blackjack games New88 Casino

Before learning about the rules of playing blackjack online New88 Casino. Players need to learn muscle Summary of playing techniques in the game.

  • Card review: this term is understood to mean that players participating in the bet will have their cards considered. The right to judge any player’s cards belongs to the house.
  • Draw cards (card bubble): this term is understood as the player drawing additional cards after being given 2 cards. In blackjack, players cannot draw more than 3 cards.
  • Run the cards: If the player and the dealer have the same number of points at the same time, it is considered to be running the cards. In the event of a run, the player will have their bet returned by the house.
  • Posting:Dang It is understood that the player does not draw more cards after being given 2 cards from the dealer. Player choosesGang Cards often have high scores and high winning rates.
  • Blackjack: Blackjack is when a player owns 2 cards. This includes cards 10, J, Q, K and A.
  • Five Spirits: Five Spirits is understood as a player whose total of 5 cards is less than 21 points.
  • Quack: Quac is understood as the total score of the player’s cards being greater than 21 points.
  • Paying cards: Paying cards is understood as the player whose total score of the cards is greater than 26 points.
  • Blackjack: Blackjack is when a player owns two A cards.
  • Old enough: The total score of the 2 cards of the player and the dealer must be equal to or greater than the specified score to be considered. Players who have enough points to consider the cards are considered old enough.
  • Underage: The player and the dealer are considered underage when the total score of the two cards is less than the required score to be considered.
  • Dang Non (Dirty Dang): This term is used to refer to the fact that a player has a score that is not too high. Just old enough or 1 point older, choose againGang cards to distract the dealer.

Rules for playing blackjack online New88 Casino

Online blackjack game New88 Casino has rules similar to traditional blackjack. Accordingly, in the betting game, all participating players use a deck of 52 cards. At the same time, the game also does not limit the number of participating members. Each player can bet freely, but must meet the minimum amountdealer New88 stipulated.

Rules for playing blackjack online New88 Casino is as follows: Each participating player will be given 2 cards by the dealer. In addition, the player will be able to draw from the remaining deck up to 3 cards. In the blackjack betting game at the house, the Dealer will be the one to give you detailed instructions and lead the betting game.

After the end of the dealing round (2 cards per person), the Dealer will let each player draw cards in turn. When you stop playing and stop drawing cards, the Dealer will pass the drawing to the next player.

Participating players need to calculate details. With the 2 cards dealt, you proceed to add up the total score of the 2 cards. The standard score to get the card flipped is:

  • Player over 16 points, under 21 points.
  • The house is over 15 points and under 21 points.

The player in the score range from 16 – 21 and whose total points of the cards are greater than the dealer is considered to win the bet. Therefore, with 2 cards dealt, you need to calculate so that the total score beats the dealer.

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Scoring rules in online blackjack game New88 Casino

Players participate in the online blackjack game New88 Casinos need to clearly understand the scoring rules. This helps you make more accurate judgments. Make a decision to add more cards or suppress the cards. Miscalculating points will cause you to miss the opportunity to win the bet. The scoring rules here are as follows:

  • Cards with values ​​from 2-10 have points corresponding to the value of the card.
  • J, Q, K cards, also known as human cards, are counted as 10 points.
  • Card A has many scoring methods: If the player has 2 or 3 cards, card A is counted as 11 points; If there are 3 cards, the A card is counted as 10 or 11 points; If there are 4 cards, card A is counted as 1 point.
  • Blackjack or table poker players will be immediately rewarded.

In the online blackjack game New88 Casino, the card decks have the following values: Poker > Blackjack > Ngu Linh. Below the five spirits are cases where the player is old enough. Thus, in the case of a five-eleven player and the dealer blackjacks. Players will still lose their bets because they have to repay the bet to the house.

The secret to betting on blackjack online New88 Winning Casino

Online blackjack game New88 Casino is an attractive entertainment product. The game is chosen by many people to start a business and get rich. To help you have a smoother start-up journey. Below is a summary of the secrets to winning blackjack bets.

Keep a strong mentality

Maintaining a strong mentality is one of the secrets to effective blackjack betting. Accordingly, when deciding to participate in this game, you need to prepare capital and a strong mentality.

During the betting process there will be both losing bets and winning bets. Therefore, keeping a strong mentality helps you always be ready to come up with a strategy for the next game. Practicing a strong mentality will help you not lose your composure when you lose continuously. Regain your spirit to unwind in the next bets.

Apply the blackjack card counting technique

Counting blackjack cards is known to be an extremely effective blackjack trick. However, this technique does not apply to new players. Specifically, to perform the trick, you need to focus on observing the drawing of other players.

If you see a player drawing many cards before, the possibility of you drawing a small card will be very unlikely. On the contrary, if you are unlucky and draw a big card. It’s easy for you to fall into the trap of being fooled.

It means you lose the bet. Therefore, during observation. If multiple players have drawn cards and drawn multiple cards. You can choose to enter the exam round.

Learn carefully the rules of the game

Besides applying betting strategies, participating players also need to carefully learn the rules of the game. In addition to the regulations on betting, you should learn about the regulations on payouts, violations of terms, user policies, etc. Learn carefully about the rules of the game to help you have safe and effective bets. .

Answer questions about online blackjack game New88 Casino

Online blackjack New88 Casino is the most famous game of the house. Therefore, many players are curious and want to participate in the game right from the first time they visit this betting address.

Besides, the house team received many questions about the game. To help you make the betting process easier, below is a summary of answers to frequently asked questions.

Online blackjack betting hall New88 Are casinos safe?

Fellow bettors, please rest assured because all blackjack betting halls at the house are issued by reputable brands. All are reputable names in the betting market.

In addition, the house also uses the most advanced security system today combined with a firewall. This security system can prevent any intrusion by hackers as well as limit the theft of user information.

Besides, the house is also a reputable betting brand and has been legally licensed to do business. Therefore, all entertainment betting activities here are valid and you can completely rest assured.

Why play blackjack online? New88 Casino constantly losing?

Currently, there is an online blackjack betting hall New88 Casino welcomes millions of participants every day. The number of bettors participating in this game is very large. The bookmaker rewards bettors who win blackjack bets up to hundreds of millions of dong.

Therefore, if you play blackjack and lose continuously, you should change your playing strategy. Or you can refer to more playing tips from experts. News sites New88 Continuously update blackjack pulling experiences, good blackjack tips, etc. Help you guys get more useful information to support betting.

Dealer New88 is a transparent and reputable betting address. All betting activities take place live. At the same time, the house says no to cheating and changing the payout results.

Play blackjack game online New88 Can casino be played on the phone?

Players can absolutely participate in online blackjack betting on mobile devices. Currently, bookies New88 Casino has launched “App  New88” supports mobile betting.

You proceed to access the home page New88 Casino. On the home page, select the App download command in the left corner of the screen and follow the instructions. The application will be quickly installed on your device. Start the application and log in to your member account. You will be able to immediately participate in the attractive blackjack betting lobby.


The above article is a summary of information about card games online blackjack New88 Casino. Hopefully the brief sharing above has helped bettors understand more about this interesting online game. Participating in the blackjack game, you also receive many opportunities to win attractive rewards. Register to experience now. Good luck.

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