How to Guess the Crab in Real Life and Always Win at New88

How to guess crabs in real life is sought after by many beginners. Because this interesting game is quite popular in our country. If you want to make money with this traditional game. Please follow the article below New 88 To reveal the fastest way to win bets.

Introduction to how to guess crabs in real life

How to guess crabs in real life is a bit different from online crabs at bookmakers. This game uses tools including 1 plate, 1 bowl and 3 rectangular pieces engraved with animals such as gourds, crabs, fish and shrimp. The game result is determined when the casino owner opens the bowl to announce the status of the pieces. The player who bets on the correct bet will win and receive a reward.

This means that the cheating rate when playing in real life will be lower than when playing online. Because with online crabs, we can only observe through smart device screens. Fraudulent bookmakers or other players may use methods to hack results.

Formula to calculate crab pot according to experts 100% standard

To be able to win a lot of bet money, you need to understand the crab pot calculation formulas passed down by veteran players at New88 as follows.

Calculated based on previous match results

On a normal dice there will be 6 sides including: Gourd, crab, shrimp, deer, chicken, fish. When the game starts, we will roll three dice in a closed dish, so predicting is very difficult. Therefore, if you do not rely on the rules, your chances of winning will not be high. Currently, there are many experts who believe that the method of calculating the total results of previous games will bring great opportunities.

Calculate rotation according to the faces just flipped in the previous game

In addition to using the results from the previous game, bettors can also rely on another rule, the crab rotation rule. We need to keep track of what dice appeared in the previous game to get the results of the next game.

Principles on how to predict crabs in real life

Bau Cua is ranked by many players as one of the top attractive bonus betting games. Most of them believe that the above game depends entirely on the element of luck, but this statement is not completely accurate. To knowHow to predict crabs in real life You must clearly understand the betting principles.

This will prevent us from losing money unjustly. At the same time, the winning rate also increased significantly.

Bets are based on majority opinion

Betting according to the majority is an extremely effective method of playing Bau Cua that always wins. There are many new players who have applied this playing strategy and successfully brought in billions. Simply put, with the above method of guessing crabs, you just need to observe which card is being chosen by the most players and then place a bet.

If you guess the result correctly, it will be extremely easy to receive billions of dollars. And when you fail, you won’t lose too much capital.

Bet on lucky numbers

A special point in the Bau Cua games that few people can explain. That is, in each table, there will often be lucky cards that have a very high frequency of winning. To recognize the above, you need to observe, remember and synthesize the results of crab potting. Next, select the hand with the highest number of winning draws to place a bet.

Bet on those who are winning big

Betting on big winners is one of the most effective tips for playing Bau Cua. At the table, pay close attention to your opponents. If you notice that that player is winning a big bet, bet on them.

There is a high possibility that this is an experienced player or that player is having luck. Following these people will help you win quite a significant amount of prize money.
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How to predict crabs in real life – Long-term breeding

For professional bettors, long-term holding is a quite smart and effective form of playing red and black. This method, when applied in the game Bau Cua Tom Ca, will maximize the benefits it brings. There are two ways to raise condensation in these placescasino Common and effective things that you must remember are:

Cultivation by folding

Folding is a method of playing where we only play on one hand. In the next bet, the prize will be 2 times higher than the previous bet. You need to keep increasing your bets until you win, then stop.

Note that to use the above folding method, customers need to prepare themselves a large enough capital source. The reason is because bettors have to bet money until they win before stopping. If you don’t want to lose the huge amount of capital you spent previously.

Rearing together with fixed pairs

This is an extremely cool trick for playing Bau Cua Tom Ca in real life. With this method, you will put your capital in one place from start to finish. However, it is not the same as doubling the bet. The above playing method can be used to try your luck if you hit the winning number and win big.

Tips to always win when playing Bau Cua – Know when to stop

Knowing when to continue and stop is also an easy way to win money with gourd crab. You need to set a reasonable playing limit for yourself to avoid getting caught up in games. Not only that, you also need to set a time limit. Because according to some studies, the brain can only focus on the problem for 30 to 50 minutes. If this time exceeds, you should stop.

How to guess gourd crab in real life – Have a personal playing strategy

Usually, the players have their own effective playing strategies. If you want to make stable money with this game. Research for yourself a reasonable playing strategy to win. Because of this, not every method of predicting crabs in real life is suitable for us.


This article has shared with you how to predict crabs in real life simply and effectively. Thereby, bettors can apply to win and make all the money when participating in this red and black game at New88. Wishing you good luck and success.

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