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Go fish shooting – Fish shooting paradise is the hottest game of 2021, it can be said that this is a hot multi-platform game series in the village.Shoot fish and get prizes. Recently, Go fish shooting has become very popular in recent years.
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Therefore, since then this game has attracted a huge number of passionate players because it brings interesting experiences to players in the vast ocean world.

So, today the admin has compiled the necessary information for players to refer to.

Besides, those who are new and confused can see instructions on how to play Go fish shooting in this article to accumulate the necessary experience to be able to win in this entertainment subject!

Learn what Go fish shooting is?

Fish Shooting Go is a famous game and was born 3 years ago. It is an entertaining game that can be played on your phone or any house website. The Go fish shooting world is diverse with more than 50 species of marine creatures and ecosystems, where we can freely play and hunt for coins to exchange for “real money” rewards.

Besides, Go fish shooting also has outstanding features to exchange attractive prizes at a 1:1 conversion rate without the player having to spend any money, creating excitement for the players.

Highlights of Go fish shooting

It can be said that in the past 3 years since appearing in the current online fish shooting market, Go fish shooting has continuously developed and improved day by day.

In the ocean world of fish shooting Go today has gathered almost all the features of the most modern fish shooting game line from basic to advanced, both entertaining and satisfying the need for hunting and hunting. coins for players’ rewards.

Follow along with thousands of attractive offers and prizes from reputable bookmaker comes with a lot of attention from the gaming community, so why hesitate any longer and immediately learn about the benefits of this game through the article below and its outstanding features? , including:

The interface is attractive, catches the eyes of players and uses beautiful images of the ocean world: Fish Shooting Go uses 2D and 3D game interfaces to create a real feeling like being in the vast ocean through the virtual world, The images and techniques are extremely high quality and clear.

So when we saw it from the first minute, we were immediately attracted. In the game we have more than 50 different species of fish with a variety of colors.

Exchange coins for business rewards: Go fish shooting here, players can freely top up their accounts via scratch cards from the 3 largest networks today: Viettel, Mobi and Vina, depending on the bookmaker.

Not only that, from those coins we can also exchange rewards for scratch cards or flexibly with “real money”!

Super big jackpot explosion: Go fish shooting bookmakers like  New88 often have super big jackpot burst programs for players during the game, making the game an extremely easy and easy-to-win form of playing. again.

Continuous explosive promotional programs: Fish Shooting Go regularly has attractive promotions for players, including gift codes and attractive promotional codes for new members. You can freely entertain yourself with ocean Go fish shooting.

100% safe and secure: Go Fish Shooting has the function of 100% security of players’ personal information, gamers can completely feel secure about bank account information or phone numbers, etc.

It will lead to trouble! Besides,  New88 or other reputable bookmakers in the market have consultants to help solve all problems and problems for players 24/7.

Instructions for downloading Go fish shooting game for Android and IOS

If you want to successfully download the Go fish shooting game for iOS phones, follow these steps:
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  • Step 1: Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad to search for the game “Fish Shooting Go”.
  • Step 2: Click on “Install” and then download the game to your phone.
  • Step 3: After successfully installing on your phone, return to the main screen and use the “Open” command to log in and then experience the bancago game.

If not, you can access the direct link at bookmaker  New88 for the IOS line on the homepage.

If you want to successfully download the Go fish shooting game for Android phones, similar to the iOS series, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the CH Play store icon on your phone and search for the game “Fish Shooting Go”.
  • Step 2: Click “Install” to download the game to your phone device.
  • Step 3: Once completed, the installation is successful. Click on the word “Open” and create an account according to the instructions to log in to the fish shooting game to experience immediately.

Or we can also access the direct link at bookmaker  New88 for the APK/Android line on the homepage.

Instructions for depositing money in Go fish shooting game

The current “reward” coin top-up entertainment fields can all be “converted at a 1:1 ratio into real money or phone scratch cards”, so first if you want to participate, you have to top up money. Go to the house member account first, similar to fish shooting games, from there you can deposit money into the account and choose the appropriate deposit method as instructed below.

  • Deposit via current bank cards: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Techcombank Agribank… Most Go fish shooting can be loaded via all bank channels, momo channels, zalopay,…
  • Top up via phone scratch card: Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone.

Select a certain denomination that you want to deposit into the dealer’s member account, then enter the deposit code, phone number, OTP code and execute the “Confirm” command, wait a few seconds for the money to be deposited into the member account. dealer, then convert it into coins and we can now play.

How to play fish shooting game Go

Next, the admin will guide new players on how to shoot Go fish to help players who are new to this game get acquainted and apply them more easily and get the highest score.

We just need to quickly increase the ammo in many ways and the amount of coins we earn will increase more and more. Then use a reasonable sniper strategy to be successful. Refer to the steps below that the admin has fully summarized for you!

Step 1: Download the game to your phone, PC or laptop, it’s up to you.

Step 2: Installed on the phone successfully, then we open the application, right from the first interface is the “go fish shooting” system asking us to log in to our member account (or if we have not registered yet). account and follow the instructions).

Step 3: If you are a new member, the house will usually give 1,000 gold as capital, this 1,000 gold as bullets to be able to shoot fish, it is also the only currency in the member account that the player has. .

Step 4: In a room there will be a maximum of 3 people playing with you. The left corner of the screen can catch fish. Just click on the screen and bullets will shoot out and money will be deducted after each shot.

Step 5: Note that the bigger the fish you shoot, the more coins you earn, but to shoot bigger fish you need to have stronger bullets to quickly catch it.

Step 6: Looking at the Go fish shooting ocean world screen, there are many types of fish, more than 50 different fish species and ecosystems, so each fish species is a fortune that brings you a lot of money.

Step 7: Besides, the game also has a great function that allows us to give gifts to players in the same room, using our own money. That is a very unique friend-making feature between players in the same fish shooting room.

Step 8: If we want to catch big fish and have a lot of coins, we must have a good gun, but doing so will waste a lot of money. Just stick to the characters and the guns will appear.

Step 9: If you have a good gun, catching big fish like mermaids or anything will increase the amount of money you get back. That is also the easiest way to play the Go fish shooting game that anyone can apply, with How to play this Go fish shooting game without fear of losing all your money.

Step 10: The game only ends if the player’s account has no money left or he wants to escape the room, but don’t worry, each dealer can always store information about the player’s achievements through each bet. Don’t lose it.

Tips for playing the fish shooting game Go unbeaten

In any form of entertainment with prizes, to be successful, the player must have some technique or experience as well as clearly understand the rules of the game, and the tips and tricks from which we can have a shooting style. unbeaten matching fish in the room.

So note that every bullet you fire will have at least a certain amount of money deducted from your budget. So, admin shares with players how to play the game and playing techniques,… so you can win against bookmaker New88!

Shoot small bullets and try to play

To become a true master of the Go fish shooting game, you should not deposit a large amount of money from the beginning. Instead, choose the option to try out a small amount of money and shoot as many fish as possible. From there, we can also understand how each fish species corresponds to the amount of money.

Players should not be blind without observing the fish’s working mechanism and deposit a lot of money right from the beginning. The psychology of getting out of trouble puts a lot of pressure on us if we lose and that also leads to undesirable results.

Increase ammo when needed

According to the secret that the admin likes the most when playing the fish shooting game Go is to increase the ammo when playing, just like that will earn a lot of profit. So, just boldly increase bullets from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 until you reach 100. So use the 100th bullet, lose a lot of points but still gain a lot. This method also earns a lot of coins.

Combination of rapid and slow firing of bullets

Players themselves should not focus on many fish while there are too many people chasing them, they should only focus on shooting at their own fish to save bullets. So please improve your shooting techniques to kill big fish. Focus on practicing regularly to become more proficient and also earn bonus points more easily.

Ignore the hidden fish

Sometimes we will encounter some species of fish hiding under rocks or green moss. If we can shoot down one of those fish, the initial reward will increase by 20-30%. Because of that, many gamers ignore the swimming fish to target the fish hiding below.

You want to recover your capital quickly, don’t focus too much on defeating these fish. Instead, you use bullets to aim at another target to earn points faster. In case the fish is hiding, leave ⅔ of its body exposed and swim at a slow speed. Or the screen no longer has fish so you need to focus and shoot them.

Do not use automatic fish shooting mode

The automatic fish shooting feature is only suitable for inexperienced players. And it is considered the most unnecessary and unimportant feature in the game. Automatic fish shooting mode will make you waste a lot of bullets. Because you only have to change the angle of the gun and the bullets are automatically released continuously, sometimes you don’t hit any fish and still lose a lot of money.

Shoot Go fish with marbles

At the same time, if players are using marble shooting at a fish, they will increase the number of bullets. The player fires the first round of bullets at the wall and the second round of bullets directly. So while the first shot rotates in opposite directions, it hits the fish together. At the same time, a bullet fired in turn 2 moves simultaneously. Increases the probability of fish dying faster. But if we choose to apply this trick, it will be extremely wasteful.

Alternate guns

Instead of using only one type of gun during the betting period to play. You should regularly change the gun and use flexible shooting methods.

However, you need to calculate the change time accurately. Determine the type of gun that is suitable and suitable for each type of fish you are targeting. From there, cases of mistaken and ineffective consumption can be limited.

How to shoot single fish is mandatory to know

In an aquarium kingdom, there are many single fish that are extremely easy to destroy, so you should not use large bullets to avoid wasting. The trick to winning the fish shooting game is to use a lot of small and medium bullets. In case you shoot 3 to 4 bullets and these fish do not die, you should not shoot again to avoid wasting ammunition!

Shoot Go fish in groups

While you are playing, you see a crowded school of fish appear, so you must use type 2 bullets and then shoot at the fish 3 to 5 consecutive shots. With this method, you can kill every fish while still saving bullets as you want.

Shooting fish Go with enough bullets to shoot big fish

The trick to playing the fish shooting game is that you need to determine how to use bullets properly. Accordingly, when you play you should budget a significant amount of money. At this point you don’t have to spend as much time watching and shooting small fish as you did when you first started the game. For example, if you use the highest type 7 bullets you have, you can destroy many large fish such as sharks and mermaids.

Every time you shoot and kill a big fish like that, you bring home a significant amount of coins. If you can make a comparison, this is a very profitable choice. Because it can bring the player 100 to 200 times more coins than the amount spent to choose bullets to shoot that fish.

Shoot Go fish like a tycoon

Shooting big fish means you shoot fish continuously with big bullets and aim at big fish with a lot of coins. But this method is only suitable for those with solid experience. As for new players, this shooting method will not increase your score but will also cause you to lose it. So accumulate enough points and choose your favorite opportunity to apply.

Choose the right ammunition

You must wait until the large fish swim in groups before shooting. Because you have to use bullets 4, 5 times or more to hope to kill big fish and earn a lot of profit.


The article Fish Shooting Go – A superb multi-platform fish shooting game has been compiled by the admin with all the important information or playing strategies and techniques after many years of the most famous shooters in the “ocean world”. The newly acquired and fully accumulated credits are available for players to refer to and apply to earn coins for rewards.

If we often fail when playing this game, then please apply the tips shared above, the admin hopes it will bring you a lot of useful information as well as certain victories in your next bet. Please!

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