Dazzling Outdoor Lighting: Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E Beam Light

Light Sky‘s AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light is a game-changer in outdoor lighting, offering exceptional features that bring brilliance to any space. With its powerful Ushio 400W lamp, φ168 lens, and dual prisms, this waterproof light fixture delivers an extraordinary brightness equivalent to a 4000W sky search. Designed for outdoor environments with an IP54 rating and a durable PA66 cover, this outdoor beam light is perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces.

Long-Lasting & Energy-Efficient

The AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light embraces energy efficiency with its Ushio 400W Long-Life Lamp. This lamp not only delivers powerful illumination but also saves energy, ensuring long-lasting and eco-friendly performance.

Sharp & Bright Illumination

Prepare to be dazzled by the AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor sky beam light’s sharp and bright illumination. Featuring a φ168 optical lens, this light fixture produces high-brightness lighting that rivals a 4000W sky search. Get ready to create a breathtaking visual experience in your outdoor space.

Spectacular Visual Effects

Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E provides IP54-level waterproofing, making it the ideal choice for outdoor environments. This waterproof light fixture ensures reliable performance and protection against moisture and dust, allowing you to create stunning visual effects even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Durable Construction

The AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light is crafted with an outdoor PA-engineered plastic cover. This durable material offers anti-UV, anti-aging, and high-temperature resistance properties, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the light fixture. Light Sky’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of this exceptional outdoor beam light.

Flexible Control and Easy Installation

With a pan/tilt range of 540°/270° and fine resolutions of 2.11°/1.05°, precise positioning and dynamic movements are easily achievable with the AQUABEAM400LL-E series. The DMX512 RDM control protocol enables seamless communication, and the 14-channel standard mode provides comprehensive control over various lighting parameters. Additionally, the flexible clamps design simplifies installation, making it a hassle-free process.


Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E outdoor beam light sets a new standard in outdoor lighting. With its long-lasting and energy-efficient performance, sharp and bright illumination, and spectacular visual effects, this light fixture is the perfect choice for illuminating outdoor spaces. Its durable construction, flexible control options, and sleek design make it an excellent addition to any outdoor lighting setup.

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