Cambodian Cockfighting – Learn the Rules of Cambodian Cockfighting

Currently there are many popular types of cockfighting and of course Cambodian cockfighting cannot be ignored. This type of cockfighting is popular and famous in the Asian and international markets, bringing players dramatic and exciting cockfights. So what makes this type of cockfighting attractive? New88 will answer all questions about Cambodian cockfighting through the following article.

Concept of Cambodian cockfighting

According to New88 It is known that many people are still confused game chicken Cambodia and Knife cockfighting Thomo. However, these are two different types of cockfighting.

Cambodian cockfighting simply means cockfighting matches held in Cambodia. Most of these matches will be held in Thomo – a place in Cambodia bordering Vietnam. Therefore, many people often confuse Cambodian cockfighting with the famous Thomo cockfighting arena. But actually these are other tournaments, because they are held in Cambodia, so they are called Cambodian cockfighting.

Unlike Vietnam, cockfighting in Cambodia has been legalized, it is considered a legal form of business and is traded by many people to make a profit. That’s why cockfighting in Cambodia is always well-invested with quality grounds and diverse rules.

Most of the cocks participating in cockfighting in Cambodia are guaranteed in terms of breed source, weight, feather color, purity, etc. In addition, the cocks are also trained very professionally, rigorously and always guaranteed. qualified to participate in combat.

These things have created the appeal of Cambodian cockfighting matches with high professionalism in many tournaments from small to large. Even though we have to organize many matches, we still ensure quality and meticulousness for all matches.

Popular forms of Cambodian cockfighting

According to New88 Research shows that Cambodia’s current form of cockfighting is divided into 2 main types:

  • Live betting: that is, players will bet directly at the cockfighting arena and watch the matches live there.
  • Online betting: Along with the strong development of the internet, online cockfighting is also increasingly popular and has many participants. You can watch live and bet online on cockfights on the internet at home. As long as a smartphone has an internet connection, all images and news of the match will be updated fully and accurately.

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Things to know about Cambodian cockfighting rules

Although Cambodian cockfighting is popular, not everyone has a proper understanding of the rules of this type of cockfighting, especially new players. New88 will give you everything you need to know about the rules of Cambodian cockfighting below:

Time of Cambodia cockfighting tournament

Cambodian cockfighting will be held every week with many matches and a large number of cocks participating in this tournament. In particular, major tournaments will take place from Thursday to Sunday, bringing together many longtime cockfighting players with rich experience.

In addition, Cambodian cockfighting is still held continuously on other days of the week. Always ensure to provide players with a high-class playground, where you can interact and satisfy your passion for cockfighting with many other players.

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One more piece of information New88 We want to inform you that during the match, the organizer will announce the next matches through advertising banners at the stadium during the break between matches. chicken. Therefore, live cockfighting viewers and online viewers can update the latest situation of the tournament. In addition, reputable live cockfighting sites will also summarize tournament schedules and match times so players can easily search.

Rules of Cambodian cockfighting

According to information New88 It is known that before participating in the match, the cocks will have their weight checked and the numbers dialed to make a suitable bet between the two cocks. Then, pairs of opponents of equal talent and strength will be arranged to compete against each other. Below are some odds according to the latest regulations in Cambodian cockfighting today:

  • Bamboo chicken: difference no more than 30g
  • Breed chicken: difference no more than 60g

Scoring methods are clearly and transparently announced in every match:

  • Win: 3 points.
  • Draw: 1 point
  • Loss: 0 points

Each rooster will compete in the prescribed number of matches and then calculate the total score. The cock with the highest score at the end of the tournament will become the defending champion. In Cambodian cockfighting, there is no extra time or play-off. In case of equal points, they will be recognized as co-champions and the prize money will be divided in half. However, the championship trophy will be awarded to the lucky team in the form of a draw because there is only one trophy.

New88 has provided you with the latest information about Cambodian cockfighting as well as its rules in the article above. Hopefully this useful information will help you grasp the rules of this type of cockfighting. And don’t forget to find yourself a reputable cockfighting bookmaker to have the best experience.

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