What lottery should a dumb ass bet on? With experts New88 detailed explanation

What lottery should a dumb ass bet on? With experts New88 detailed explanation

What’s the easiest lottery to play with a dumb ass? This is a question that has been of concern to lottery players in recent days. The method of playing dumb head and butt in lottery is used by many experts. They often bring good results, however, you must know how to predict to know the lucky number that will come. Check with our experts New88 Today Let’s find out what number to play with the dumb ass.

What is a dumb ass?

In lottery, mute head and mute tail (also known as mute butt) are familiar terms that players need to know. Dumb head refers to the case when a number in the tens does not appear in the draw.

For example, if no number from 10 to 19 appears, we say the first 1 is silent. Conversely, a mute tail or mute ass refers to a situation where a number in the ones place does not appear. For example, if there is no number ending in 3 (like 13, 23, 33,…) in the result, we say the ending 3 is silent.

Playing lottery based on dumb ending is a smart strategy. When a dumb head or tail appears, players will analyze and predict the numbers that are likely to appear in today’s lottery results, based on the signs and patterns that have appeared before.

This is a prediction method, where players try to find patterns from previous results to make decisions on today’s numbers. They require careful observation and analysis to be able to make the most accurate predictions.

If you play the lottery with a dumb ass, you’ll win big

According to prediction experts at New88, if your dumb ass bets on a lottery that is easy to win, please refer to the sections below.

  • When the final result of one day has a silent (non-appearing) zero, the numbers 00, 20 and 80 appear more often the next day.
  • In case number 1 is silent, the following day often records the appearance of numbers 21 and 41 with a higher frequency than usual.
  • With the number 2 not appearing, numbers such as 22, 52 and 82 often become popular in the next day’s results.
  • If the result has a silent number 3, then on the next day, players often witness the appearance of numbers 73 and 83 prominently.
  • In case number 4 does not appear, numbers 64 and 84 often become highlights in the next day’s results.
  • When the number 5 does not appear in the results, the numbers 55, 85 and 95 often increase the chance of appearing the next day.
  • If the number 6 is silent, the following day usually sees an increase in the numbers 06, 16 and 56 in the results.
  • With the number 7 not appearing, the numbers 17, 47 and 67 often become more common in the following day’s results.
  • In cases where the number 8 is silent, the numbers 08, 18 and 88 appear more often the following day.
  • Finally, when the number 9 does not appear, the numbers 29, 39, 59 and 99 are often clearly observed in the next day’s results.

Explaining the method of beating the head and the butt silently

There are many methods to explain what number to play with a dumb ass. Let’s find out in the following section.

Create batches from mute head, mute ass

In lottery betting games, a technique used by many players is to choose numbers based on combinations of dumb heads or dumb tails. This method is suitable when in the lottery results there are at least 2 heads or 2 tails that do not appear.

For example, suppose in today’s Northern lottery results, numbers 2 and 3 do not appear (number 2 is silent and number 3 is silent). The next day, you can choose to bet on lottery numbers 23 or 32, or even play cross lotto with the pair of numbers 23 and 32.

However, it is important to remember that no method of prediction can guarantee a 100% win rate. Therefore, continuously applying a particular method is not always effective.

You should combine many different prediction methods to increase your chances of getting a more accurate number. This game requires careful consideration and analysis, as well as an acceptance of the risks and uncertainties that exist in every bet.

Hits 0 when there is a mute butt

A method of playing lottery that is quite popular and brings certain effectiveness to many players is to focus on choosing numbers that touch 0 from the silent beginnings, silent endings and corresponding double numbers.

For example, suppose in today’s Northern lottery results, numbers 1 and 4 do not appear (ie numbers 1 and 4 are silent). In this case, you can choose to play a lottery number including numbers such as 01, 10, 11 (double of silent 1), 04, 40, 44 (double of silent 4).

In the case of silent endings, the occurrence rate of double numbers is usually less than that of silent endings. Therefore, if you encounter a case of silent endings, you should focus on hitting 0 of those silent ending numbers.

These selections are based on the observations and experiences of the lottery betting community and while they do not guarantee winning every time, they are a popular method to increase your chances of winning.


So you already know what number to play with your dumb ass, right? Experts predict at New88 has a lot of experience identifying and discovering accurate lots. You can refer to the numbers above and place a bet, hope you win big.

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