What is 1 Handicap Handicap – Should You Play 1 Handicap Handicap?

With the name Handicap, surely players will immediately think of the forms of ½ handicap, ¼ handicap, etc. But have you ever heard of 1-goal handicap? Play handicap 1 overBookmaker Hi88 are the most popular and easy to score games. So if you don’t know yet, please follow the article below!

What is general information about Asian handicap?

Asian Handicap is a form of betting based on odds originating in Asia. For this type of handicap, the bookmaker system will carefully study the performance, quality as well as the situation of the playing force of the top and bottom teams to give a certain handicap for each match. The team that is stronger and has a higher chance of winning will be the upper bet team, while the team that is weaker and has a lower probability of winning will be the underdog team.

Asian Handicap is only applied during the official 90 minutes of play plus injury time but extra time will not be counted. Some simple odds of Asian handicap include equal ball odds, 0.5-1 handicap, 1.5 handicap and not to mention the 1-goal handicap…

Let’s learn about the 1-goal handicap

Many betting enthusiasts still wonder what a 1-goal handicap is? This is one of the types of handicaps called 1-draw bets. To understand better, it means when the odds are higher. This category is often encountered by the difference in quality between two teams. However, it does not mean that the stronger team will win, this difference also depends on luck. The following are situations that can happen during the match.

  • If the match ends in a draw, the underdog wins the bet.
  • The upper team wins by 1 goal difference such as 1-0, 2-1, 3-2,… Then the two teams will win half of the bet.
  • The favorite team wins by a complete difference of 2 goals such as 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, etc. then the favorite team wins the bet and takes all the money.
  • The underdog team wins regardless of the score and will receive the full amount for that match.

With handicap 1, the playing style is similar to other handicaps such as handicap 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, etc. The gameplay is analyzed specifically as follows:

  • The betting team above only wins the bet completely when the score difference is 2 goals
  • In case the score difference of the favorite team is only 1 goal, it means the two teams will be tied.
  • On the contrary, if you cannot win but the upper team draws or loses to the lower team, it will be considered a loss of all money and the lower team will win all.
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Share how to calculate the handicap of 1 goal

  • If the match result is a draw or the underdog wins, it means the person who chooses the upper bet will lose money and the person who chooses the lower bet will win.
  • If the match result has a 1-goal difference between the upper and lower odds, the player who bets on the upper and lower odds will receive the same half of each side’s bet.
  • If the match results in a victory by 2 goals for the favorite team, the person betting on the favorite will win all the money. On the contrary, for those who choose the underdog, if the handicapped team wins 2 games compared to the handicapped team, you will also win the entire bet amount.

Experience in placing handicap bets on 1 goal

Many players have also shared what they want to bet on with a 1-ball handicap and what skills are needed. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just need the player to understand the basic steps such as understanding match information, head-to-head records, starting lineup, position on the rankings, nature of the match… Those are all What are the necessary skills to have an overview of the 1-goal handicap? Don’t worry if you find the handicap is too light or too heavy because the house always provides other side information.

Normally, those who look at the 1 left handicap bet can see the difference. However, players must bet carefully because otherwise it is easy to fall into the trap set by the house. With matches with a handicap of 1 goal combined with over/under 2.25, it is likely that the match will only go in one direction. It is also possible that winning by 2 or more goals will be very difficult. Players can choose another option: choose the under or under bet for those matches.

Some notes for 1-goal handicap betting

If you already know how to bet with a handicap, then let’s know a few more notes about the 1-goal handicap.

First, you need to clearly determine the amount you can bet. It is possible to place a larger amount of money after thorough analysis and obtaining more information, but you absolutely should not do so at first.

Second, the 1-goal handicap bet will be more difficult to play, but you can try this bet after watching the strength of the two teams directly.


Handicaps can come in many forms for players to learn about. And today, among those types of handicaps, Hi88 has answered the question about what is a 1-goal handicap? If you understand and want to try, go to our Hi88 betting playground right away. Guaranteed you will have the most exciting and wonderful entertainment moments here.

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