New88 – The most prestigious and highly rated cockfighting playground today

New88 is currently one of the most popular online cockfighting betting sites in Asia. Trusted and chosen by many people because it possesses many advantages, especially the extremely high payout rate. Please join us to learn more about this house through the article below.

Learn about cockfighting bookmaker New88

With an outstanding reputation in the Asian online betting industry, New 88 operates legally under the license of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). Boasting more than a decade of experience, the bookmaker has built a large fan base who are not only loyal but also very satisfied with the service here.

Aiming to create an online cockfighting playground that is not only exciting but also high quality, New88 Constantly innovating and updating interesting cockfighting matches, providing extremely attractive odds. Besides, the house also deploys attractive promotions to enhance the entertainment experience for players and bring the most wonderful relaxing moments.

Reasons to play cockfighting at bookmaker New88

Online cockfighting betting, although not yet fully legalized in Vietnam, is still an interesting form of entertainment, while providing an opportunity to earn extra income for many people. Among online bookmakers, New 88 stands out with its fast, convenient redemption service and attractive bonus rates.

New88 Specific instructions for each step in betting, with easy-to-understand and uncomplicated game rules, convenient for new players. This is a bookmaker that meets international standards, bringing peace of mind to players. Highlights include:

  • Diverse forms of cockfighting: from Spur Dao cockfighting, American cockfighting, Cambodian cockfighting, to Thomo cockfighting.
  • Competitive odds, with play levels from low to high, to suit a variety of tastes and needs.
  • Diverse and attractive bets.
  • Convenient and fast deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Cockfighting genres are loved by many people at bookmaker New88

In today’s online cockfighting world, players can choose from many popular types such as knife spur cockfighting, blow cockfighting, and iron spur cockfighting. Depending on their preferences, players can join different tournament halls and place bets.

New88 Cock Fighting

This type mainly uses pedigree chickens, famous for their powerful kicks, fast speed and endurance. Normally, cockfighting matches are exciting, full of suspense and tension, especially in Southeast Asian cockfighting halls.

Iron spurs cockfighting

In this type, the cocks are equipped with iron spurs to help increase their ability to cause damage. Stakes fights often take place quickly, and can end unexpectedly if a cock gets a decisive blow. This type is popular in Thomo and Cambodia cockfighting halls.

Cua Dao Cock Fighting

This is a thrilling type of betting, with knife spurs designed to be compact and sharp. Knife fights in New88 attracts great attention because of its uncertainty and excitement, often more exciting than spur cockfighting. The results of matches are more unpredictable, creating more appeal for this sport.

Instructions for participating in the cockfighting betting game at New88 are simple

To quickly participate in the experience and betting at the game halls on this house, please follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Players access enter New88 officially, then on the main screen interface, “Register” will appear, click on it.
  • Step 2: Please fill out the information in the form completely and accurately. Including: full name, phone number, password, re-enter password, email,… Then, check the entered information, carefully read the terms and policies of the bookmaker and “agree” to complete. complete registration process.
  • Step 3: The player has successfully created an official account, then logs into the system via the secure NEW 88 link. After that, you need to deposit money into your account so you can start betting at your favorite cockfighting game halls.

Experience playing cockfighting at New88, win big

Here are some useful tips to help you win big when betting on cockfighting online:

  • To be successful, you need to be knowledgeable about the participating cocks and their fighting history. Pay attention to cocks that have participated in many fights and show signs of injury, because their health and condition affects the outcome of the fight.
  • Set a fixed budget for betting and stick to it. Avoid betting too much money in one play to avoid financial risk.
  • Learn how to evaluate cocks based on posture, feather color and other important factors. This helps you better understand the strength and abilities of each cock, thereby making smarter betting decisions.
  • Practice and experience will help you quickly grasp and be more confident in making betting decisions. Every match now New88 is an opportunity to learn and improve your skills.


New88 Proud to be a high-quality destination for cockfighting betting enthusiasts. Besides, the playground also provides live streaming of exciting matches, helping players not miss any moment of the event and fully enjoy the sublime emotions of this betting sport.

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