Instructions on  How to predict dragon and tiger  Online at New88

How to predict dragon and tiger Currently being searched and applied by many people. Because the effectiveness it brings is not inferior to any other experience. Not only that, this method is also very easy to apply. In the following article, join New88 to learn in detail how to predict dragon tiger game.

Learn the rules of New88 Dragon Tiger online

The first step before you apply How to predict dragon and tiger That is to clearly understand the rules of the game. This is basic information so bettors can bet smoothly and avoid confusion. At the same time, it also helps players easily choose strategies and proficiently apply prediction methods. As follows:

  • Each Dragon Tiger game has no limit on the number of participants. As long as there is one person at the betting table, the system will start dealing cards and playing the game.
  • The dealer will deal the cards into two piles of dragons and tigers, 1 random card on each side, in the order of dragons first, tigers later.
  • To ensure there is no cheating problem, the New88 system will use 6-8 decks of 52 cards.
  • There are three main betting options for you to choose from, including dragon, tiger and draw. Players will predict which side has the higher score and bet on the house. Among them, the draw has the highest odds.
  • The winning or losing results are based on the score on each card. The scoring rules are J, Q, K equal to 10, 11 and 12 points. The numbered cards are equal to the points printed on each card, card A = 1.

What do you need to prepare when predicting an online dragon tiger game?

Because the rules of this game series are very simple, even if you have no experience, you can still easily conquer it. However, new players often have a high probability of losing if they do not prepare carefully. So, before How to predict dragon and tiger , bettors should prepare the following:

  • First, you need to be fully equipped with knowledge and a solid foundation about this game. Including understanding the game rules, scoring methods, betting options and rewards.
  • Prepare in advance a stable amount of capital, just enough to play the dragon tiger game. The more capital, the higher the chance of receiving bonuses. People who own little capital and have few bets are often prone to mental illness and loss of concentration when playing.
  • Prepare yourself mentally to be stable and comfortable so as not to panic, and concentrate highly on analysis. You need to practice this for a long time to be able to apply it How to predict dragon and tiger


Sharing ways to predict dragon and tiger games to always win

There are many ways to predict effectively when playing the Dragon Tiger game. Below are some shares from bookmaker New88 for your reference:

Few people know how to predict fortune

Flat bridges are the type of bridges that appear most often when players conquer dragons and tigers. So, this is not a new concept for many people. This can be understood as the rule that a single bet appears in many games. If you catch this ball, you just need to bet accordingly and you will definitely get a reward.

During the prediction process, players need to calmly observe and maintain a stable mentality. Normally, the bridge appears after about 3-4 games so you can safely invest. Many people apply this strategy and are not in a hurry to invest money.

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 How to predict dragon and tiger  numbers 1-1

The next popular prediction method is 1-1. With this type of bridge, the results will be on different bets according to the rule of rotation. For example, one game is about tigers, the next game is about dragons and so on. It usually lasts about 7-8 games, and even requires more than a dozen bets. This is an opportunity to make money that bettors should not miss.

To catch the 1-1 ball, players should monitor and compile the results table. If you see a demand appear, grab it immediately and have a suitable investment strategy to optimize profits.

Search method 2-2

 How to predict dragon and tiger This is done similarly to the 1-1 bridge, for every 2 games about dragons, there are 2 games about tigers. According to assessments, this bridge is not as long as the bridge above, so you have to observe carefully to recognize it accurately. In addition, experts also say that this type of bridge is more difficult to detect, but if you play correctly, you will earn huge bonuses.

How to predict red and black dragon and tiger games

Basically, Dragon Tiger has a similar gameplay to the game Baccarat. The 2 doors Player and Banker are equivalent to the Ho door and the Dragon door. In this game there are also 2 more numbers: black dragon and red dragon for you to look for. However, it does not appear in a 50?50 ratio as many people think. If you see the results are in favor of one side, invest in double farming immediately.

Word Conclude

Above is an article introducing these How to predict dragon and tiger effective, simple. Hope you will have many wonderful moments of entertainment and conquer rewards at New88 bookmaker Please.

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